Using Fashion as a Confidence Booster

“They’re just clothes”

“Why do you spend so much time choosing your outfits?”

“Who are you dressing up for?”

As people who love fashion, these are remarks that we see absolutely all the time. People either assume you’re dressing up for someone, or you’re spending too much time on your outfits.

It’s hogwash, to say the least. Fashion, for me, has always been a source of creativity. Fashion is art. It’s a way that I can let my creativity flow. We allow people to paint, draw, and sing in any way that they choose to, and we don’t put limitations on that. Why do we do the same with fashion? All through high school, I hid the way I wanted to dress because I was concerned at what other people would think or say. Why was that even on my brain? The really artsy kids didn’t paint differently due to peer pressure, so why do we put so much onto clothes?

Clothing is a way of fitting in, definitely. In high school, everyone wore pretty much the same thing. Black Lululemon leggings, a sweater, and vans or Sanucks. While this outfit was comfortable, and I supported it too sometimes, there is absolutely nothing like feeling put together within your outfit and dressing for yourself.

The main quote on this website talks about fashion being an armour. I believe that to be true. When I feel cute, when I’m dressed nicely, I feel better about myself. I exude confidence and just know that I’m the best version of myself that I can be.

I’ve read article after article talking about keeping up with trends, how being on trend makes you confident by giving you a place to go. Blah, blah, blah. I think fashion trends are silly, especially micro-trends. If you want to wear something, go for it! Everyone has different style, a different body type, and proportions. Trends are not built for everyone, and that exclusion can be really hurtful.

Fashion and clothing gives me confidence, and that’s because I dress the way I want to, not because of what the trends dictate. One of my favourite outfits is an 80s style denim jacket, black wide leg trousers, and a statement t-shirt. None of these things are on trend, nor should any of them work together. The mix of this outfit just makes me feel good.

And, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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