“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.”

Bill Cunningham

WSW: Who She Wore

Who She Wore

Hi! My name is Steph. Fashion has always been something that I have gravitated towards. I love clothes. So much. And it’s not just in a nonchalant way, the right outfit makes me feel beautiful, strong, powerful, and sexy. Wearing an amazing outfit helps me be my best self.

I grew up in a very small town in Canada, after moving from England. I was made fun of for everything that I did, including what I wore. It’s taken me years to gain the confidence to wear the clothing pieces I’ve always wanted to, and now that I’ve found it, I’m eager to share.

Fashion and beauty go hand in hand, I think. A nice makeup look, some great skincare, and an elegant outfit make me feel so amazing. I’ll be using this space to talk about products, things, and ideas within this wheelhouse. Beauty, skincare, haircare, makeup, fashion, shoes, all of it.

I hope you enjoy!

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